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"Genshin Impact" is an open-world adventure game published by miHoYo. The project was established at the end of January 2017. The public beta starts on September 28, 2020. In terms of data, in the case of the same official server, account data between iOS, PC, and Android platforms are interoperable, and players can switch devices under the same account.

The game takes place in a fantasy world called "Tivat". Here, those chosen by the gods will be granted the "eyes of the gods" to channel the power of the elements. Players will take on the role of a mysterious character named "The Traveler". In the travel, you will meet companions with different personalities and unique abilities. Join them to defeat powerful enemies and find lost relatives. At the same time, gradually discover the truth of "Genshin Impact".

In 2022, the music team of miHoYo participated in the establishment of the music library for the 24th Winter Olympics. and the music was simultaneously applied to related sports.


The Worldwide Genshin Impact

Genshin's Impact is huge. Sometimes in the streets and alleys, you will see a lot of Genshin's graffiti. It is very interesting that the characters in Genshin Impact are presented on the wall by this special street expression. Some players also left their game UIDs, which means that players who see them can add them as friends.

With the continuous expansion of Genshin Impact's influence overseas, there are many, many interesting things like this. Now in most of the comic exhibitions held in foreign countries, Genshin Impact Coser can be seen, and the number of people is still quite large.

After more than 300 days of launch, Genshin Impact has already penetrated every aspect of players' lives. This also makes the new news of Genshin Impact become a frequent visitor of hot searches. For example, after the recent appearance of Genshin Impact's new character, she once again made it to the hot search list with her energetic and lively girl character, gorgeous fireworks special effects during battle, etc. The PV about her has exceeded 2 million views in a short period and continues to rise.


Whats in Genshin Impact Merch Shop?

We are proud to be one of the best Genshin Impact Merch stores selling custom clothing and other stuff. This is a perfect shop for Genshin Impact fans to buy Genshin Impact merchandise in a variety of styles and sizes.

Genshin Impact T-shirt: Playing Genshin Impact in a Genshin Impact T-shirt is a happy thing. It can make you excited. Genshin Impact T-shirt is a fine fabric, highly breathable, and gives ultimate comfort to your body. The Genshin Impact clothing items are stitched properly, you won’t see any flaw.

Genshin Impact Pillow: Genshin Impact pillows are soft and comfortable. Holding it in your arms can provide warmth and some protection. Hold a Genshin Impact pillow while sitting or lying down on the sofa, and decorate your sofa while relaxing your body. When watching TV, chatting, or resting on the sofa, a soft and comfortable Genshin Impact pillow can give you a particularly warm feeling.

At work, Genshin Impact pillows are the best partner for you to rest and work. It can make your work full of energy. Not only does it give you more peace of mind when you rest, but it also allows you to have a more comfortable backrest while they work.


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